Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Is BET UNCUT Coming Back ?

It was reported that the controversial show BET UNCUT was going to be back on the air on 8/11/15.
If you're new to BET Uncut it featured sexually explicit videos of hip hop stars  during after hours programming time slots.
The show was cancelled after complaints from family advocates and women from Spellman college who protested the show and videos it showed like Nelly's infamous "TIP DRILL". 
Pooch Hall one of the actors from the TV show "The Game" actually brought it up on the red carpet of the NBA players awards and the internets started going hammer after the announcement jumped off.
According to a statement by BET the show won't be returning, and it was a flub of words by Hall.
We'll see if thats really the case or they decided to change their minds.

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