Tuesday, August 25, 2015


CONNECTICUT (HartfFord)... ColdBlooded Nigga.. dope delivery, bars, multiple flows. hot lyrics, catchy words.. just a young brother tryna make a way.. #Born2Win.......... Shout Out to my Cuz puttin in that work Born2win-mixtape Press Here

Heated Brawl Breaks Out at Miami Night Club After Meek Mills Accuses Drake of Sterioid Use.

Drake and Meek Mills have put their mics down and decided to settle their beef at a Miami Night club this past weekend. Apparently during the altercation Rapper Meek Mills made comments about the then shirtless Drake's physique claiming "his muscles are as real as the lyrics he writes". Drake wasn't too pleased with these comments and that's when all hell broke loose. Both rappers were later escorted from the club in handcuffs by police! We were able to catch up with Drake the next day and discovered he was in fact taking supplements, although they were not steroids! It turns out what the Rapper has actually been taking are legal supplements! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

"Blocklist" HMY Ft. W@Xx

New HMY "Block List" Feat. W@Xx A true radio banger for sure.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Is BET UNCUT Coming Back ?

It was reported that the controversial show BET UNCUT was going to be back on the air on 8/11/15.
If you're new to BET Uncut it featured sexually explicit videos of hip hop stars  during after hours programming time slots.
The show was cancelled after complaints from family advocates and women from Spellman college who protested the show and videos it showed like Nelly's infamous "TIP DRILL". 
Pooch Hall one of the actors from the TV show "The Game" actually brought it up on the red carpet of the NBA players awards and the internets started going hammer after the announcement jumped off.
According to a statement by BET the show won't be returning, and it was a flub of words by Hall.
We'll see if thats really the case or they decided to change their minds.

Snacks Giggaty "Drakin Niggas"

Press play and listen to Snacks Giggaty "Drakin Niggas" 

New Music: Kid Rich & Bless "Me And My Brother"

New joint by Kid Rich & Bless "Me And My Brother" video coming soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Highlife Gully "Frustrated" Prod By The Encroude

#MoreFireMondays Highlife Gully "Frustrated" Prod. By The Encroude (Recording Engineer) Montega Vega. All around dope shit that's all we know. Stay in the loop and get ready for the "Cool Table" album coming soon.

2's Company Freestyle FT. W@Xx&Co - AllyChan Prod. By YoungSpaid

New video called "2's Company" Freestyle FT. W@Xx&Co - AllyChan Prod. By Young Spaid. They had fun on this one just laid back regular day. Stay tuned for more visuals it's about to be a problem.


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