Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Talk My Shit" FT. @HIGHLIFEGULLY @FADETABLACKWAX Produced by The EnCrouDe!

New joint "Talk My Shit" ft. @HIGHLIFEGULLY produced by THE ENCROUDE. This was a Miami breeze recording this joint with the family. My bro erased his second verse on his damn phone and wrote a new one in 12 minutes. Not to many artist can write a verse on the fly that actually mean something in 10-15 minutes. It's really nothing new to us but to these "rappers" it's like a magic trick to them. THE ENCROUDE is also ringing bells around the industry hit him up and get them beats while the ticket is low. "We snatching mics this year"  hip hop quotable by  @fadetablackwax set the tone that this track needs to be heard.

@ThenameisWiSh "Classic Taste" Mixtape

New mixtape "Classic Taste"  by WI.SH brings the East Coast vibe back on 12 classic instrumentals. The delivery speaks for itself so the beats just compliment the style. Alot of these young bucks don't know about these beats. These the joints my generations went in on each and every one lol. I salute @thenameisWiSh Classic Taste for real download this A.S.A.P

Saturday, April 12, 2014

@SmokeDZA - Ringside 2 EP (Prod. By @183rdMusic. )

Smoke Dza is back with "Ringside 2 EP (Prod. By 183rd)". 8 creative tracks blended to perfection for the avid wrestling fans. I can fuck with this they put the wrestling skits in between the songs to take it to the next level. Go follow @SmokeDZA and @183rdMusic. for upcoming shows, music and more.

Friday, April 11, 2014

@KingMez - "Long Live The King"

Check out the latest King Mez "Long Live The King" project straight out of Raleigh, NC. This is his fourth mixtape with a crazy line up of producers. You shouldn't have to press fastforward on this. Press play light up and ride out. Go follow @KingMez for news and upcoming projects.


New music for the streets. Kid Rich is back again with his fresh off the press project "Still Light Work" Hosted by Dj Get It Rite. He is putting that work in the studio and releasing quality music to be heard. In my opinion I like the production and the features on the mixtape, it all worked together. You can follow @KIDRICH1 for updated news, shows, video and music info. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

New Mixtape "W@Xx & Co"

Check out the new W@xx & Co. mixtape . I got the Cd dropped off at the crib by GR8. We got the room real cloudy and pressed play. It start real smooth on some luxury shit with some dope features to make the album complete. Go and request W@Xx & Co on Facebook for upcoming news, videos and music. Do remember to follow  W@Xx & Co on Soundcloud for exclusive tracks.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Grimaz Muzik "Late Nights Early Mornings" By Marvalyss

Check out that new Grimaz Muzik "Late Nights Early Mornings" mixtape by Marvalyss. Now I can personally co sign on how hot his delivery is. We use to rap and shit back in high school and he always came with heat. So yeah this mixtape will actually teach some of these new artist who think hiphop is just about cat in the hat rap over trap instrumentals.

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