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Thursday, August 7, 2014

@HighLifeGully "90's Shit" (Directed by Dave Phoenix)


Yeah my bro did it again more flame with visuals. This "90's Shit" got that feel of real hiphop. What is real hiphop? This video. Shout out to Dave Phoenix with the dope camera work. For more info on upcoming projects follow Highlife Gully on FaceBook and follow the Dave Phoenix Youtube Channel

Big Face Head feat. Elvion - Kitchen


This is classic music for the streets "turn 1 into 2" type shit lol. If you don't know the lingo you just won't understand b. Big Face Head has been consistent with DOPE music and visuals for the viewers and listeners. So with that being said the new track "Kitchen" feat. Elvion is what you need in rotation, to get you in that money making mood. For more videos and upcoming projects subscribe to BIGFACEHEADMUSIC

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sax 5th feat. Fif Falcone COCAINE LORRAINE


New exclusive ALERT "Cocaine Lorraine" by Sax 5th feat. Fif Falcone produced by Dubb Devine. They definitely put in work on this joint. I finally got to chop it up in a session wit Sax 5th, and I must say he will be a problem in this game and will set the bar high for alot of artist. For more music and info subscribe to Tyfischertube and follow on him Instagram @Sax5th_

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jordan Carter "The Inspiration" (Hey Mr.Carter - Live)


Press play and take a walk in the shoes of Jordan Carter. This young man without a doubt should be an inspiration to anyone wanting to do better for themselves. Everytime we cross paths I get nothing but positive vibes. I'm fortunate to have this talented guy as a neighbor so I'm always asking questions about his next move in the media world. You can check out and subscribe to the Jordan Carter youtube channel for the latest info and more true life videos with a purpose.

Instagram - @JordaniCarter
Twitter - @JordaniCarter

Monday, July 7, 2014

15 Mc's Mixtape Hosted by Dj Big Paper

   Go download the 15 MC's Mixtape hosted by my bro @DJBigPaper featuring dope artist from all over the States. He is helping underground and local artist get that much needed Dj support. Each artist on this project is doing there thing so feel free to explore further into what's going on in there world. I have to add that I am on track #6 Schoolin Hip Hop and I also produced #18 Black Ceasar ft. my bro WaXx & Co. Big shout out to the movement Number1Promotions24/7 and be on the look out for hard copies of 15 Mc's Mixtape.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"The God Tape" by @Smooth_Haynes

Music ALERT "The God Tape" by @Smooth_Haynes  hosted by Haris Amilli should be in your music rotation without a doubt. This that shit you let play straight through, and it's only the preperation to his up coming album "The Hey-Suse Project" . I like how all the songs transition into each other with no pauses giving it a continuous vibe. The lyrics also promote knowledge alot these mis guided kids should listen to. Follow @Smooth_Haynes for info on news and upcoming projects.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Check out this new joint by @DarnaaMusic "Cowgirl"

What's new on my my hot artist search list. Well I came across DarnaaMusic and I must say she will be known worlwide sooner than later. Her new joint "Cowgirl" produced by Alex Cantrell is amazing. The million dollar sound quality compliments her vocals well. You can check the Cowgirl Video  on youtube. You should stay in loop and follow @DarnaaMusic for updated music and video info.

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