Thursday, March 21, 2013

Can't Get Your Dope Music On The Radio Station ?

 Can't Get Your Dope Music On The Radio Station ?

Payola – Is paying Radio stations in exchange for playing a specific song. This method has been used in the music industry for many years. Back in the day DJs decided what music the listeners wanted to hear at all times. There is actually a federal law that forbids direct payment or compensation to DJ’s & other radio station staff in exchange for the playing of a priority song unless the payments were announced over the air in disguise of an advertisement.

   I think it's in are nature to get around things especially when there is cash involved. The Major Music Industry decided to use a more indirect form. These practices are now used by Independent radio promoters. The new payola way is Radio consolidation which  has made Radio station owners like clear channel establish exclusive arrangements with “Independent promoters,” who give the radio stations a set amount of money a month. In exchange for this payment, the radio station group agrees to give the independent promoter first notice of new songs added to its play lists each week. Stations in the group also tend to play mostly records that have been advised by the independent promoter. As a result record companies and artists have to pay the radio stations and independent promoters if they want to be considered for airplay on those stations.

Music labels I hear from reliable sources hire an “independent radio promoter” to only promote their records to certain stations for a price. Indie promoters use the Record labels money to pay the stations for playing songs on the air. These costs are often split between the artist & the label. This results in play list fixed decisions where new talent & what people want to hear is no longer important as radio networks making there money. The outcome of this loop is independent artist can’t get the radio air play that they need &deserve.This obviously impacts a performer’s ability to succeed by all means. Pay to play comes in many different ways & record labels do what needs to be done to stay ahead of the average independent artist. Most artists in fact still owe their record company after their first record goes gold SMH.The public is forced into believing what is played on the radio is actually the best music. This is not the best music but it’s the only music that will get nationwide recognition. It is what it is just thought you might wanna learn something. 

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