Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Elgin Zerick Top Of The Word"

Elgin Zerick is someone you may want to check out music heads. Here is just a brief description of his many accomplishments. 

While living in North Hollywood, Elgin Zerick reconnected with a friend from
high school who had a rock band. Zerick’s friend convinced him to manage the band without
any connections in the music industry. Zerick got the group signed to a major label.

Listening to music had long been a refuge for Zerick, a place where he could enjoy himself and be himself without interacting with others. Now he was getting paid to participate in the music business. In addition to launching and operating several successful businesses, he also began managing groups, DJing bar mitzvahs and mixing, remixing and producing songs for Madonna, 2Pac, Boyz II Men and others. 

Although he had once preferred being in the background, he came to realize that his Ugly Dream had another striking component: that in order to be fully healed, he needed to be in the forefront – as an artist. He wrote and recorded the celebratory song TOP OF THE WORLD, a track of what he calls fusion music, a blend of urban, house, trance and hip-hop. The clip’s video got more than 300,000 hits in a month view below. For more details on Elgin Zerick visit and get the latest info.

Elgin Zerick - "Top Of The World" Video

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