Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Producers Southside Willing To Put Up $100K In Beat Battle With Lex Luger

After being challenged by Virginia-born beatsmith Lex Luger, Southside is prepared to put his beats on the line for $100,000, a request Luger revealed that he is happy to oblige.

In a video uploaded to Instagram last week, Southside informed fans that he was privately contacted by Luger about taking part in a beat battle. The producer seemed unimpressed with Luger’s initial request of $50,000 and suggested that those taking part in the battle put up $100,000 instead.

“So, I wake up. I got a DM from Lex Luger talking about a beat battle with me, Metro, and Sonny,” Southside said in the video. “Lex, this is $50,000 … Until you got a whole 100 on you you can gamble with, bro. Don’t hit me talking about no beat battle … Put a whole hundred on the table and we can beat battle.”

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